Circular Saw Buying Guide

Circular Saw Buying Guide

Circular Saw Buying Guide

Initially, a circular saw machine was a strictly stationary tool – actually, it absolutely was a machine for industrial woodworking, intense thousands of kilowatts of energy with a weigh of many pounds.

Circular Saw Usage

The portable version came to the market within the middle of the last century and has since been improved primarily within the automation of the cutting. The market moves towards new hand-held circular saw will cut not only wood and its derivatives (plywood, chipboard), however conjointly rather more solid and denser materials – differing kinds of plastic, laminate, and slate. A hand saw may deal with some kinds of flat solid if a shaft is fitted with a special-purpose notched disk.

A circular saw has some limitations in its usage. Firstly, it will cut solely strictly straight. Secondly, a circular saw typically cannot handle solid materials like brick or concrete, unless this model is supplied with a diamond disc and a water cooling system.

Circular Saw Characteristics

The key characteristics of a circular saw area unit its power, rotation speed and depth of cut. The latter directly depends on the diameter of the disc, supported by this kind of saw.

We should note that for hand-held circular saws, dividing into skilled and family teams is maybe even additional conditional than for the other tool. After all, the necessity for a hand disk saw arises once cutting wood very often and this implies that cutting boards, plywood, chipboard, area unit a part of daily work.

Cutting Depth

Circular saw can be divided into three categories:
  • 40-50mm Household saws
  • 50-65mm Intermediate saws
  • 65-140mm Professional saws

Power Consumption

600 watts of power consumption is used by the household saw models. 2-2.5 kwatts have been used by professional saw models. you can purchase professional saw if you want to work fine in woodworking.

Cut Angle

Mostly circular saws can cut an angle of 45 degrees. Some of them allow cutting at an angle of 60 degrees.

Additional Features

There are some additional functions of circular saws that it can perform describes below:

Constant Electronics

The most perplexing models have a capacity called "constant electronics". It is planned to withstand the ideal proportion of the rotational speed and power yield to the shafts. It influences the cut quality. Yet, executing such capacity requires an adequate supply of intensity. 

Overload Protection

Top models are likewise ensured against overloads, for instance, on account of an excessive amount of enthusiasm of a saw administrator. For this situation, the computerization will kill power and hence spare a saw proprietor from any danger that we already discussed in Table Saw Safety Precautions.

Circular Saw Quality Check

There are some quality checks that buyers must taken while purchasing circular saw.


Some of the circular saw reduced vibration level and a stabilization system. The length is additionally necessary because the main tool operation is lengthwise cutting, the twine length should allow you to move freely at a distance of 120-160 inches.


As we discussed step by step in our table saw buyers guide such precautions are also taken while using circular saw. This construction makes hand injuries throughout the saw usage nearly not possible. If a saw additionally encompasses a perform protective from accidental triggering.


The handheld circular saw are very dangerous tools to use therefore manufacturers must take proper action to reduce the risk of such saw. Our circular saw buying guide provides you proper safety measure that can helps you while using circular saw. In order to get some best circular saw you must visit our website "The Sawing Tools" where you find best circular saw under 1000.