How to Use Jigsaw


how to use jigsaw

A jigsaw with an electrical motor is meant for creating straight or curved cutting in panels easier. A jigsaw will cut not plastic or wood however steel or metallic element panels in addition.

Types of jigsaw blades

1. If you would like to try straight cuts for a large blade. A jigsaw with a large blade can cut on the marking virtually on its own.
2. Such jigsaws have a special handle for turning the blade’s operation space to any aspect while not turning the tool.
3. If the cutting speed is a lot of necessary than quality, opt for a blade with giant teeth. For fine cutting, vice versa, a skinny blade with tiny teeth may be a higher possibility.

Marking Out

The easiest manner is to trammel a panel while not the sawing allowance and a saw blade cutting – cut not on a marking line, however close to it.

It is conjointly necessary to grasp on that aspect a piece of work ought to be marked out. Since the blade stroke corresponds to the movement within the saw direction, chips area unit most frequently created on the aspect of the panel facing associate degree operator. This can be very true for laminated coating of wood-chip or wood-fiber boards. Thus, flip the piece of work face down for a stronger cut. For a decent cut, fix the piece of work with a clamp on a worktable or a sawbench. The latter is good equipped for a jigsaw, because the devices on that firmly fixing each a piece of work and a jigsaw.

Jigsaw Usage Recommendations

If you chop solid steel or thick panels, it should be cheap to shop for a table jigsaw. Such devices area unit of the skilled instrumentation phase. They need high power and functions creating the cutting method easier, and perform efficiently that provides automatic correction of the cutting power.
For making the sawing method quicker, electrical jigsaws have a special mechanism referred to as pendulum. By facultative the pendulum mode, associate degree operator will increase the cutting blade speed, that permits modification the hassle applied to the jigsaw. However usage of the pendulum mode ends up in less accuracy and lower quality of cutting, therefore it's used solely at giant tolerances once the rough cutting is allowed.

The pendulum mode is additionally incompatible with bound kinds of materials. For instance, acceleration once cutting metal panels ends up in heating of the blade and its quick wear out. Once cutting plastic, on the contrary, the piece of work will soften within the space of the blade. The pendulum mechanism is generally used for cutting softwood. The jigsaw mechanism permits not solely facultative or disabling the setup mode however conjointly swimmingly dynamical its intensity.


A jigsaw should be used with proper guide with the force of pressing the blade to the object.  Use sharp blades, this can considerably extend the service lifetime of your jigsaw.
Cutting panels with a jigsaw is in the midst of loads of finest mud. It's not therefore dangerous outside, however you are doing not need to possess mud reception, because it will cause health issues or malfunctions within the operation. Using a jigsaw with a vacuum is sort of straightforward. If you are doing not intend buying one, you'll be able to a minimum of make sure the removal of mud and chips from the operating space. All of the guides and reviews are available in thesawingtools.