Best Hot glue Gun Buy Guide 2019

A glue gun machine is an important tool for anyone interested in  DIY (do-it-yourself) , arts & crafts, even people doing simple fixes need a hot glue gun machine. It works fast and outputs a heated glue that’s capable of binding almost any object anything including wood, fabric, stone, glass, metal, plastic, and foam. etc 
And with things like power, performance, size, temperature, and design to consider, deciding which glue gun is right for you can get a little painful. But we’re here to make your pain go away. In this post, we’re going to show you the top 4 hot glue guns on the market today

but first, a few tips to consider

  • If you are working with children or on delicate materials, choose a low-temperature gun
  • Don't overheat the gun, fumes produced when overheating can a cause respiratory problems
  • Store glue sticks in a clean and dry place with temperatures between 5°C and 25°C. Keep them in closed boxes
  • always use gloves when operating a hot glue gun machine

Best hot glue gun machine Reviews

    Model Power Price
    CCbetter Mini Hot Melt  Gun   
20 watts
    Surebonder PRO2-220
220 watts
    Attican Black Iron Hot Gun
20 watts
   Cobiz Full Size  60/100W 
60/100 watts   

CCbetter Mini Hot Melt  Gun

The CCbetter Mini Hot Melt Gun is a durable model made from plastic and aluminum. With a working power of 20 watts and a temperature of 356 to 392 degrees Fahrenheit, it is the perfect high temp model for any DIY project and heats up in 3-5 minutes. It’s easy to toggle the On/Off switch and the LED indicator light lets you know that the tool is heating up.

It has a flexible support bracket so you can set it aside safely. The anti-hot cover ensures you don’t burn yourself and the high-quality nozzle can withstand heat so you don’t have to worry about wear and tear. Plus, it comes with 25 glue sticks and is backed by a lifetime warranty.
The CCbetter Hot Glue Gun is one of the most popular models among DIY crafters. It’s well-made, reliable, and very affordable. The trigger propulsion device controls glue flow so you have more control and won’t waste glue sticks. Plus, it comes with a 100% money back guarantee and a lifetime warranty.
With this gun, you will be able to paste a multitude of materials, including metal, glass, wood, plastics, fabric, and leather. And do it within 10-20 seconds at most.Considering a mid-range power and smallness of this CCbetter model, we can suggest it to all people engaged in needlework and handmaking.
  • Attached stand. ON/OFF switch! Super compact, nozzle fits well in small cracks. It comes with a TON of glue.
  • lighter and thinner (This is a better option for people with small hands)
  • Heats up fairly quick.

  • Stand occasionally gets caught behind the trigger. It doesn't interfere with function at all, but has to pull the trigger to get it out.
  • since the "kickstand" is about as thick as a paperclip, it is very movement sensitive and will easily knock over if your table or surface isn't 100% solid and still. I personally don't mind, as I use silicone hot glue gun mats to protect my surfaces. so I can lay down my glue guns when I'm working quickly.


Easy to use, doesn't stand with long piece of glue sticking out of it, but that's because it is small.
I love this thing! Heats up quick, glue doesn't keep pouring out of it either. If you need a glue stick for the occasional project, look no further! It also comes with a TON of glue sticks! I have made 2 wreaths so far and it worked great!

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Surebonder PRO2-220

This heavy-duty gun features a 220-watt stainless steel heater. The PRO2-220 also comes with and adjustable temperature control the ranges from 248°F to 428°F. This guns has a lighted on/off switch, double insulated ground cord and includes an extra insulate nozzle. There is a detachable wire stand perfect for when the gun is idle and the PRO2-220 has an adjustment screw to control glue stroke. The lighted On/Off switch is easy to use and a glue stroke adjustment screw ensures just the right amount of glue is released. With a detachable wire stand, two nozzles with heat-resistant nozzle covers, and a double insulated grounded cord, it’s capable of handling hours on work per day

The PRO2-220 heavy duty glue gun by Surebonder is perfect for high volume applications. This industrial hot melt gun has outputs about 5 pounds of glue per hour. This glue gun has an adjustable temperature dial, unlike its high temp only counterpart the Surebonder PRO2-220 HT.

The Surebonder PRO2-220 is a premium model designed for professionals. It’s the most expensive model on our list but it was designed for heavy-duty use and can deliver up to 5 lbs of glue in an hour. Plus, the adjustable temperature feature is fantastic for individuals who work with a variety of materials. This makes it one of the best options around for anyone who needs a commercial or industrial-grade glue gun with a high work capacity and easy-to-use features.


  • 3 models: 20, 60 or 100 watts, all dual temperature
  • 50% more power than standard glue guns
  • 30 minute auto shut off function to ensure safety
  • Ergonomic rubber trigger and handle design
  • Dual temperature for high and low applications
  • Power Light
  • Side fins allow the gun to lay safely on its side, preventing glue back up
  • Interchangeable nozzles available for DT-360F, DT-3100F
  • Detachable, sturdy wire stand


  • The nozzles are replaceable and have drool-reduction valves.
  • it has a temp control on the bottom
  • Auto Shut Off.
  • Insulated Nozzle.
  • Side Fins.
  • Safety Fuse.
  • Good heating power


  • The contacts in the bimetal thermostat can get dirty after a few years and it will stop heating up properly


This tool gets the glue extremely hot and therefore a better flow of the glue and a subsequent better hold. Incredibly expensive relative to what it is but I'm now starting to come to believe it's worth it.

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Attican Black Iron Hot Gun

Attican Black Iron is a mini glue gun you can have on a low budget. the gun supports a glue sick size of 5/16” . It delivers a steady stream of hot glue and it is a better alternative for those guys  who don’t like glue drips .it has a very low power consumption  (20W), users love its ability to heat up fast and deliver a steady flow glue

The color of this glue gun is black. It is very easy to use. The trigger pulls back gently. The power cord is long enough .It comes with a removable stand that can be retracted when using the hot glue gun. The flow of the glue is precise enough for details and it did not take long to warm up the glue. The only complaint is that there is not a light indicator for knowing if the glue gun is on or off.

Given its Cheap price range, it doesn’t have an on/off switch but you’ll enjoy the stability of the glue gun. When you need a smaller glue gun for quality and drip-free performance, look no further because Attican Black Iron has got you covered.


  • Fast heat up
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with 15 sticks of glue
  • Extremely simple and easy to use design
  • Trigger is easy to use
  • The glue dries fast and has a strong hold
  • affordable


  • Low power capability 
  • No on/off switch


This glue gun is lightweight and easy to handle. IT gets hot! The glue sticks melt nicely and one thing we noticed about it, there is no ooze of hot glue when you lay the glue gun down on the work surface. It seems to stay put inside the nozzle until you press on the trigger to push the glue out. we would recommend it to anyone who is into crafting or needing a hot glue gun around the house or shop!

Cobiz Full Size  60/100W  (switchable between 60w and 100w)

This  Hot glue gub has two heat settings, 60watts and 100watts. That 100w is very hot and really gets things flowing quickly and consistently, but like all hot things, you have to be careful with it.(wear some gloves) The gun works fantastic, allowing the glue to release in an even go without waiting 

The 60w will take longer to heat up (obviously) and this setting has more control over the spread and release of the glue. The 100w allows things to move faster, but more glue will flow out - making it better for large area coverage instead of delicate piece together work. The sticks that come with it, depending on the size of your project may last you or may not


  • Fast heat up
  • Lightweight
  • Comes with 10 Pcs Premium Glue Sticks(0.43'' x 8") 
  • Feels nice to hold
  • The glue dries fast
  • affordable


  • there is no on and off button on Hot Glue Gun. The only way is to unplug the Gun


 It is a heavy duty glue gun that heats up quick and melts the glue sticks quick. we  can adjust the temprature, which is super handy and it has a built in kickstand so we don't have to worry about it catching anything on fire or melting other projects we have around. It very sturdy and works great