The Metabo 5" Angle Grinder (WEV 15-125 HT) is an angle grinder which is very light and easy to use. It’s the tool that the buyers and workers want. Because of this gadget, everyone can work easily and use it with no confusion. It’s a high-quality tool that offers enough power. The balanced and lightweight tool’s motor produces a 37 inches-pound of torque to smooth out many different materials. In this you can select the highest speed to blast the stones and marbles or cut the steels if you select the lowest speed, it will be better for sanding. Because of its lightweight, the fatigue will be minimal. The torque limiting clutch protects from kickback if there is a disc jam.
The Metabo 5" Angle Grinder (WEV 15-125 HT) has a 50% torque and 20% high overload capacity, It is easy to adjust and weight is just 6.5 pounds. It has restart protection and is a soft starting gadget. Its gear can be flipped at 90 degrees for the left-handers. It has auto-stop carbon brushes to protect the motor.
The Metabo 5" Angle Grinder (WEV 15-125 HT)  has a lightweight at just 6.5 pounds, because of this the gadget can be taken easily to everywhere, because of its lightweight fatigue is minimal and the work is smooth. Carrying a lightweight tool is to get ready to go everywhere and work anywhere easily. Its powerful torque can make any of your work comfortable and cutting any type of hard item if quit easy. Because of its flappable feature, a left-hander can also use this gadget. So! Now, the lefties are also able to work with this. There are also an auto-stop carbon brushes in it, which protect and defend the motor from the carbon or other particles which get into the motor to destroy it. If there is a high level of torque while working and seems to have a danger ahead so, it has a torque limiting clutch which protects from kickback if there is a disc jam. It has the adjustable speed for materials for a friendly work. By selecting the highest speed is the way to blast the stones, marbles and cut the steel, and if you want to sand then there is an option to select the lowest speed. There, it has protection for us; means! We can restart it and also it’s a soft starting gadget. The gadget has 20% of the overload capacity.
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To conclude about the Metabo 5" Angle Grinder (WEV 15-125 HT) is to say that there are lots of feature and safety features in this gadget. It has a lightweight at 6.5 pounds, a 50% torque and 20 % overload capacity, restarting protection, gear housing can be unscrewed and also can be adjusted at 90 degrees for lefties and left-hand works, a torque limiting clutch protects from kickback in case of disc jam, auto carbon stop brushes to protect the motor, adjustable speed for different types of materials. At last, it has a good output result.