PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder

PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder

This is a Grinder of the quality which everybody is in search of. Everybody wants a good
quality tool. Which is long lasting and good in the result. This gadget has a lot of features to
perform a duty in the desired way.

The PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder has a powerful motor of 6.0-amp which gives 12000
rpm, a high speed to cut the hardest materials, like stone, marble, bricks etc. this grinder has three sides
position handle which allows you to handle it on any position to work. It’s made with a cast metal gear
case for long lasting work. It has a tool-free guard that provides you facility of easy adjustment. There
is a spindle lock that allows you to change a wheel or wrench easily. It has a grinder, a grinder guard, a
grinder wheel and a wrench all together.
The PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder has the assurance of your safety also. It has the quality
that we can work without any fear and can work comfortably. By using this grinder you will not have risk
or tension while working.
The PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder has a link of its video below:


The PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder is the gadget which is used to cut hard materials like,
stone, marble, bricks and steel. Or the grinding like these items a tool must be harder and powerful to
cut such things. The PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder has 6.0-amp motor. It gives 12000RMP
speech which is enough to cut the hardest item like a butter. The grinder has three position side handle
which make you able to change the desired position easily to work according to the operation. People will
definitely want a tool which works long-lasting. This gadget has a cast metal gear case which make it able
to work long lasting and the adjustment is a special thing the worker need at work so this tool has also a
solution for it, there is a tool free guard which gives you adjustment easily. The handymen are keen
interested to save their time and work harder that’s why this gadget has a time saving opportunity as

well, this tool has a spindle lock which allows you to change wrench or wheel easily without wasting
your time which is much precious. Beside a time saving opportunity it also has a money saving chance.
Yes! It has an extra tool in it means! A wrench, another tool. Which easily changeable in few seconds
having no waste of time. Overall this tool has a grinder, a grinder wheel, a grinder guard, and a wrench
all together. The PORTER-CABLE PCE810 Angle Grinder is quit useful and comfortable tool. It’s a safe
gadget, by using this tool everyone would feel relax and safe also.